Brasov – Toma’s Sunday

Feeling a bit nostalgic because I couldn’t be there, today I was thinking more than ever to my beautiful country and Brasov’s town. Long story short: each first Sunday after Christian-Orthodox Easter, day which is called Toma’s Sunday (or is Thomas’ Sunday, in my language is Duminca Tomii) for people of Brasov town means that young men, from maybe 6 to 110 don’t know exactly the range of age, ¬†from Scheii Brasovului, the old part of Brasov’s town, will parade on horses backs wearing wonderful home made vintage costumes. In Romanian they are called Junii Brasovului. That day and many more before and after they have lovely traditions in which the town takes part. What can I say, it’s beautiful, and every year I was living there it has been part of my life, now we are lucky we have the almighty internet to help us with our nostalgies. What can I tell you is that it is worth a visit, or more than one.

Those are some old pictures and I don’t remember the reason why I coudn’t take pictures of the most beautiful costumes that year, but hey if you want to travel there I tell you it will be a great experience.