I do like Moondays

Really, don’t know where the weekend flew in such a rush, but I wish you all a very happy week. Don’t forget to smile, breath and live a bit.

Happy Moonday

Have a happy and fulfilling Moonday, week, month, year, decade, century, life.


Dublin’s FlightFest 2013


On 15th of September 2013, Dublin was hosting a-once-in-a-lifetime event, Flight Fest with more than 30 aircrafts, old and new, flying over Dublin’s sky. It was an exciting event and live was even better than in pictures and videos, especially that my pics and videos are not such a great quality because I took them with my phone. It started with a mixture of rain, sun, rain, sun in a very windy day. Hope my asking my lovely and very patient husband in Romanian language: do you see them do you see them do you see them, will not be very annoying, but I was very excited and really loved every minute.
This event was part of The Gathering Ireland 2013. It was noisy and it was fun, I wish they’ll repeat that every year.




Reading week-ish

Nu stiam ce titlu sa dau, hence reading week-ish, adica “pauza” dinainte de sesiune. Am plecat pentru 5 minute sa-mi pudrez nasul, nu stau mult, sa amesteci in mancarea de pe soba din juma’ in juma’ de ora 😛

Pana ma intorc, las un link care-mi tot distrage atentia de la invatat, deh probleme de atentie. Link-u’i usor de folosit, space bar pt schimbarea culorilor, literele de pe tastatura pentru restul. ‘ave fun!