Kitchen related links

As an avid curious person I find interesting articles and internet sites all the time. During my years as a professional chef  all kind of internet links caught my attention, and I will share them here, in time. I am not interested only in the normal day-to-day cooking, have also a great interest in the science behind cooking, foods, organisms, anthropology, etc. This will be a continuously updated database and is put together mainly for myself, to have them all in the same place.

  1. James Beard Foundation started this year to put up on Livestream some of their clips, which is great if you ask me. You can find them here, check it out cause you’ll find big names there. Have decided to put it first because when I have discovered the links, 2 days ago, have also decided to start this list. Also here you’ll find more.
  2. In 2009 or 2010 I’ve discovered that Harvard University has a great array of the science behind the food resources, sponsored by, among others. Alicia Foundation, founded by Adria family. I will put later the link for that. For the moment the links from youtube. Also this and this, here you have only the firsts videos, you’ll find the rest.
  3. A series of Yale University video lectures, author Kelly D. Brownell, Department of Psychology, Yale University.
  4. I like to watch The perennial plate videos.
  5. Also I love to watch and find materials of the food symposiasts, like this. I will add more links about this, in time, because it’s a great educational source.
  6. Internet is full of jewels and lately I have discovered this, unfortunately is in Romanian but has some citations which can be used to discover more. It is about table traditions of the regal family of Romania.
  7. MAD, of course.