Easter Rising Centenary

Easter is very important to Ireland, not only for religious reasons, and today is a more important day because this year is marking the Easter Rising Centenary. Each year we commemorate and honour the brave people who fought and gave their lives to make the Irish independence possible. Many festivities will take place all over Ireland, and I suppose all over the world where is an Irish soul, to mark those pivotal moments for Republic of Ireland. We are lucky and honoured to be part of such historical moments. I’ve filmed just a little bit of the military parade, none of the planes or war vessels, and enjoyed the rest of it, hope you’ll enjoy.

Sorry for the quality of the videos and pictures, but as usual I took them with my 6 years old computer mobile N900. I watched it with the PowerDVD app for windows, and it enhances a bit.

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All the best in 2016

Wish you a happy, healthy, wealthy new year!


No resolutions list for me this year, have plenty of plans and few of them really hope and work towards bringing them to real life. Don’t forget to smell the roses, you can do that even if you are running 😉


So, wish you to CARPE DIEM!


But please find time to read and learn 😉 In Romanian is even funnier as capre means goats.

And don’t forget



Love & Peace xx