The great journey

Few days ago I’ve received a wonderful children’s book, after participating in a giveaway on goodreads. The book is “The great journey” by Maria Tzoutzopoulou with Julia Oliver’s illustrations.


The book is a lovely and heart-warming story about international transport of merchandise, toys and manufacture. One can find in this lovely story nuances about perfections and imperfections, beauty and friendship, and openess towards the others. As well as a story about travel and adventure and sharing.


This story would make a lovely, well written, night read for children, and the illustrations help to underline the beauty of it.

PS Non-related with this book review, Maria’s name sent me straight away in a long dream about sunny vacations and Greek islands, for the moment I’ll just give a hug to my Irish teddy bear, Erin 🙂



Immigration and emigration should be banned. Dixit! What country in the world needs to be enriched by diversity? Why would anyone leave his or her country, to gain experience and learn? Why would any country let people from any other places come in and bring new experiences and knowledge? Why we always blame the other for our own misfortunes, why are we so easy to manipulate? and so on …