Welcome to my world!

Hello world! not sure what to say here, so for you beautiful reader hope you’ll enjoy the journey. I’ll use this  blog to do what I always wanted: a bit of training for my writing skills, write and post what I think it is worth it.

This is my secret garden, please leave your boots at the gate 😉

Oh, and not to forget, hic sunt dracones, don’t scare them please.


Servus lume! nu stiu ce as putea scrie aici, doar ca pentru tine frumosule cititor sper sa fie o aventura placuta. Voi folosi blogul pentru a face ceea ce mi-am dorit mereu: sa-mi imbunatatest modul de scrie si sa postez ceea ce consider eu ca merita atentia.

Aceasta este gradina mea secreta, va rog sa va lasati bocancii la poarta 😉

Oh, ca sa nu uit, hic sunt dracones, nu-i speriati va rog.

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